Our Story

About Us

Feel like you don’t know enough about the Balham Floor Sanding Company? Well, fear not: this page should provide all the information that you need.

We first got going nearly 20 years ago. We’re still a family-run business, just as we were in the early days, and we’ve always adhered to one key principle: the customer comes first.


However much our process has evolved over the years, we’ve never moved from that ‘customer first’ ethos. Whether it’s the fact that we provide a free no-obligation consultation, offer a free cleaning kit to customers at the end of each job, or the fact that we’ve never, ever added additional charges to our estimate: if the customer’s happy, then we’re happy. (Fortunately, they usually are, hence why many of them were nice enough to provide us with the Testimonials that you can find here ).


Needless to say, it’s also important that we’ve obtained the respect of our peers along the way as well. In addition to being a Junckers approved maintenance contractor, we’re also members of both the National Wood Floor Association and the Guild of Master Craftsmen. You can trust us to deliver work in keeping with the highest standards in the flooring industry.​


Above all, we’re successful because we genuinely love and have a real passion for what we do. Everyone in our company – from our consultation managers to our lovely customer service team – prides themselves on ensuring that the customer is delighted with the end results of our work. That, of course, goes double for our on-site technicians, all of whom combine genuine skill with a real dedication to their craft. There’s no happier person in the world than one of our techs looking down at a floor that they’ve restored to pristine condition!​

Finally, it’s worth highlighting that we emphasise using only the very best products. We exclusively use modern, dust-free sanding machines, and our finishes are all eco-friendly and non-toxic.​

If you’d like to find out more about us, then you’re more than welcome to give us a call on 020 3151 7937, or to fill in our online contact form